Zebra Keeping San Diego Clean

September 06, 2019
by Zebra

San Diego is a beautiful city, and that’s because keeping it clean, green, and modern is something the local community prides itself on. Just a few months ago, the first electric Zebras rolled down these California streets, bringing with them an eco-friendly moped subscription of only $99 a month. By the end of the year, Zebra aims to get up to 1,000 of these electric vehicles into San Diego.

However, Zebra isn’t working alone. We’re just one part of a bigger picture, as people and companies all across San Diego work to make this amazing place even better. Foremost among them is the organization I Love A Clean San Diego, which has been leading the charge against litter since 1954.

Together, we can ensure that San Diego remains a great place to live for years to come — and, through example, spread that vision across the country. Here’s some of the great work that this organization has been up to, and how Zebra has helped.

clint namaster

The Bay, The Coast, and Yoga

Yoga is a fantastic way to improve your mind, body, and health. However, if there’s one thing even better than doing sun salutations before a gorgeous sunset, it’s doing them to sponsor a good cause.

That’s why, back on August 21st, Zebra subsidized tickets to the beautiful sunset experience Namaste by the Bay, a beachfront yoga class held right on the sands of Mission Bay. All proceeds from Namaste by the Bay were donated to I Love A Clean San Diego. To bring people in, Zebra bought tickets for our customers, and even auctioned off a free month of Zebra services. Turnout was great, everyone came away smiling, and San Diego’s streets got a nice little boost from the community.

After cleaning the litter from San Diego, and enjoying the city’s beautiful beachfront, I Love A Clean San Diego is aiming to combine these two passions with another event on September 21st: the 35th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day.

This massive occasion will be held from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM at over 100 sites throughout the county. Last year, a team of almost 7,000 volunteers were able to pick up 138,499 pounds of litter. That’s no small feat, but this year — with your help — they hope to beat that record.

Zebra is Making Urban Life Cleaner (and Greener)

Traditional gasoline vehicles are wasteful, polluting, and bad for the environment. That’s why Zebra exists: to create a clean, easy alternative that the average person can rent and operate, for an affordable price. It’s also why we work with organizations like I Love A Clean San Diego, because by rallying together with our community, we can all make impossible dreams into successful achievements.

With Zebra, you don’t need to spend anymore time or dollars at the pump. You can get anywhere you need to go — fast, clean, and green. Namaste!


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