Introducing You to Herd on the Safari

August 22, 2019
by Zebra

We are excited to welcome you to Zebra’s blog, Herd on the Safari.

Since launching last month, Zebra has already started making a positive impact on our cities. By providing people with direct access to their own eco-friendly, affordable and dependable transportation network, we are changing urban mobility for the better.


What you should anticipate

This blog isn’t just a way to keep you informed on the latest mobility trends or to help you learn something new about your neighborhood. Most importantly, it’s a way for us to stay connected with the Zebra network.

So stay tuned, and please share any stories or topics you’d like us to post! You can reach us through our site or message us on Facebook (@ZebraNow) or Instagram (@ZebraNow).

With Love, The Zebra Team


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