How Zebra Changed This San Diego Man’s Life

February 07, 2020
by Zebra

Many people want to help the environment, but not everyone knows where to start. James Belk, on the other hand, made a clear choice on how he was going to reshape his life: two years ago, he moved to San Diego, sold his vehicle, and began living a car-free life.

It wasn’t easy. Though San Diego boasts a decent public transportation system, it isn’t always the most convenient. The costs pile up quickly, to the point where James recalls spending over $300 a month on transportation. Scheduling events like a simple store run required intensive planning. As he recalls today, “That was the challenge, more and more. It was just a time suck.”

Then, he discovered Zebra — and he got his freedom back.

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The Zebra Life is a Good Life

“I found Zebra on Facebook,” he says, today. “And I thought, wow, this can’t be real.”

James was thrilled by the concept. A low-cost electric moped, from a local company, offering 100% clean energy with zero carbon emissions — and a free delivery? It seemed too good to be true. As soon as James received his Zebra, though, the dream became reality. “Once I got it, it was amazing. I have so much more time. I can get around so much easier. The fifty-mile range is perfect for me … and honestly, I only charge my battery twice a week!”

James believes that Zebra is the perfect fit for living in San Diego. Trips that once took him over an hour and a half now run only ten minutes. He doesn’t pay to travel. Doesn’t pay for registration. Doesn’t have to wait around for buses, or hail rides from an app. “It allows me to go where I want to go,” he beams. “So yeah, I just love it. I absolutely love it. It’s lifechanging.”

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Zebra Turns Heads, and Changes Lives

To say that James Belk is enthusiastic about Zebra is an understatement. “It’s an attention getter, too,” he laughs. He points out how his friends and acquaintances are always amazed by how quiet it is, and even more amazed when he tells them that it’s all-electric.

Overall, as James sees it, the cost and time benefits of Zebra are huge, but the combination of eco-friendliness and freedom — which once seemed so impossible — is why he recommends Zebra to everyone. “From the time I saw it online, to the time it got to my house, it’s been nothing but pure pleasure. Every single aspect.”

Zebra changed James’ life, and it can change yours too. Learn more today.


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